• Saving Upto 60% On Fuel Cost

Wood Biomass Reducing Feeding Screw 3 M

Reducing Feeding Screw 3 M


lternative heating without gas, namely Feed screw 3 M is the most promising in development and application for the organization of an economical heating system in your home.

The auger is connected to the control unit, through which the operation of the device is controlled. The feeding screw is intended for giving pellets from the bunker to the burner. It is widely used in heating systems to ensure the operation of the boiler. By production materials and quality accessories from world and domestic producers are used.

Capacity: 61,2 kg/h
Weight: 12 kg
Power voltage: 230 V ±10%
50 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 25 W
Degree of protection: IP 40